Medicines and cosmetics

Do scripa


Do scripa

Do scripa has been on the market for 4 years. It specializes in the manufacture of cosmetics for hair, body and face, the total number of which is 70 items.
Beauty aids help to prevent and solve the various skin problems.
The products created for men include shower gels and aftershave gels, shampoos and soaps. As for women, the company produces tonics, creams for different skin types, face masks, lip balms, facial cleansers, gels and moisturizers.
For hair care, the company offers shampoos and conditioners, waxes and soaps for hair restoration. The products do not contain aggressive components (sulfates, parabens).


Eco and Ayurvedic products and cosmetics


The company “Leko” has been dealing with manufacturing of the Ayurvedic cosmetics for 8 years.
The range of the company includes the following categories:
• face and body scrubs that are used for cleaning, peeling-off and moisture the skin;
• creams for face and body care based on vegetable oils, waxes and herbal distillate;
• natural live soap, handmade in hot and cold ways, with the addition of decoctions of herbs and oils;
• skin and body care products, lip balms, ointments, and also deodorants made from natural minerals.
The products do not contain animal fats, artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, preservatives, alcohol and oil products. All beauty aids and products are hypoallergenic.
Besides that, the company “Leko” produces the healthy, natural handmade sweets.

Medicinal herbs of Zaporozhye TM

Medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs of Zaporozhye TM

The company ” TM Zaporіzhzhya herbs” was established in 2011. It specializes in growing, provision of various medicinal plants, production of herbal teas, phytoharvesting.
The range of products is wide, there are about 100 crops. The plants are grown exclusively in environmentally friendly areas, the products do not contain any harmful impurities.
The company’s specialists invented and manufactured several models of equipment with radar. Own development is the reaping machine PM1,7 which is used for harvesting chamomile flowers.
On a contractual basis, you can order the grinding of collected medicinal plants. You can make an order for harvesting using the equipment of the company “Zaporіzhzhya herbs TM”. Currently, it is possible to collect chamomile, as well as groups of plants that the separation of leaves from the stem is required, such as mint, lemon balm.

LLC NVF “Microchem”

production of medicines


The Ukrainian pharmaceutical company “Mikrokhim” has been successfully developing for 25 years, cooperating with both national enterprises and foreign companies.
The geography of the business includes 6 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan). The company specializes in:
• research of new combinations and medicinal forms;
• development of new medicaments;
• determining the requirements for active ingredients, the quality of the end product;
• assessment of the interdependence of auxiliary substances for different medicinal forms;
• introduction of new technologies in industrial production.
The company offers cooperation in the following areas:
the development of new pharmaceutical compositions with preparation of a full package of registration documents, contract manufacturing of liquid, solid medicinal forms. The cooperation in the selling of the end medicine under their own marks for goods and services in Ukraine and abroad is possible.



Vyacheslav Pylyaev is an entrepreneur who founded the Logozon company in Zaporizhia in 2006. After 3 years, production capacity was moved to the city of Chasiv Yar, Donetsk region.
The company specializes in the manufacture of speech therapy probes for speech correction. In 2018, the standard of manufacturing each tool according to quality indicators according to the technical conditions developed by the company’s specialists was introduced. The company’s range includes staging, massage, auxiliary probes, myogymnastics, probes, logostimulons.
Currently, more than 200 companies and firms that are located both in Ukraine and abroad cooperate with Logozon. Speech therapy probes have been exported for more than 10 years, products are sent to Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan and other countries. In addition, there is currently a speech therapy center “Logozon”, which conducts educational activities in the form of workshops, workshops, webinars, seminars and trainings.

LLC “Universal Medical Technologies”

LLC “Universal Medical Technologies” – an enterprise that was founded by Yuri V. Vladimirovich Tyagunov in 2018.
The company specializes in the development and production of medical equipment. In 2020, the BSD-3F Bioresonance Stimulation Device was registered, which is used in the treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of the spine and joints.The device is already successfully used in Orto Sano Clinics.
The device is used in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the facial, trigeminal nerves, soft tissue injuries and damage, reflex-radicular syndromes of lumbar and cervical osteochondrosis in various stages.The main effect of bioresonance stimulation is related to the normalization of active microhemodynamic processes that ensure the transport of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and the excretion of metabolic products. Among other applications of the method of bioresonance stimulation, it should be noted such areas as improving tissue elasticity, cellulite treatment, weight normalization and wrinkle removal.
The company is ready for constant cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies, hospitals, enterprises and institutions.