Advertising and production center CMYK

Printing, souvenirs

The field of activity:
The development and printing of graphic products. Thanks to its own production base, the center has the ability to fulfill orders of any complexity quickly and efficiently.
The company delivers its products to all regions of Ukraine.
The company profile:
“CMYK Center” is a modern company that dynamically develops in the field of printing industry.
The success of the center is due to the work of qualified professionals whose aim is to fulfill each order perfectly. The company has many grateful regular customers who have the opportunity to pay in installments. Moreover, the company has an effective loyalty program that allows customers to get different bonuses and discounts.
The center constantly updates and expands its product range, aiming to become the best company in its field!

PE Ignatenko

Warming of buildings

The field of activity:
The weatherization of buildings with polyurethane foam and polyurea waterproofing.
The company uses a unique technology for polyurethane foam weatherization of facades, roofs, ceilings, foundations, hangars and warehouses.
The material has the following significant advantages: a low thermal conductivity, high adhesion, environmental and fire safety. In addition, polyurethane foam is applied to any surface and has a term of service of over 30 years.
The company profile:
The company develops dynamically through the use of innovative energy-saving technology for surface treatment with polyurethane foam.
The company’s qualified employees use the high-tech equipment made in the United States.
The method of applying the energy-saving material saves up to 30% of electricity, so this type of weatherization is in high demand in Ukraine.

PE Rupchev Oleg Alexandrovich

Advertising and souvenir products

PE Rupchev Oleg Alexandrovich

The field of activity:
The production of various advertising and souvenir products, operative printing industry, interior printing.
The company offers a wide range of services that can significantly increase the recognition of the company or brand. Thanks to the modern and powerful park of the equipment, the enterprise has an opportunity to fulfill the order of any complexity in the specified term.
The company profile:
An intensive development of the enterprise is due to the constant quality of all work done and the staff, which consist of the highly qualified professionals. The company works only with the best materials, so it guarantees a perfect preproduction of color.
The company’s specialists constantly experiment with the advanced technologies in order to improve the quality of printing. The delivery of effectively packaged finished products is carried out to any region of Ukraine.


The field of activity:
The provision of a wide range of printing services and selling of different printed products.
Thanks to the modern production base, the company has the opportunity to produce any product: ranging from the miniature stylish business cards to the large catalogs.
What is more, the company offers the services for the stitching of archival documents and diploma projects.
The company profile:
PLC “Foxprint” is a staff of high-class specialists who qualitatively fulfill the orders of any complexity. The company works closely with the client in the design of the layout to obtain the final product of impeccable quality, taking into account the understanding of style and customer requirements.
The company’s specialists always look for new ideas and solutions, because there is no limit to perfection!
The company operates throughout Ukraine. Before the dispatch of goods to another region, it is carefully packaged and prepared for shipment.

KP Health and Tourist Center Forest Tale

The field of activity:
The rent of summer houses that are surrounded by virgin nature. The enterprise offers its guests a rest in comfortable rooms of various capacities.
On the territory of the base the vacationers can use sports and children’s playgrounds, kitchen, dining room, shop, summer shower, outdoor toilet. A parking, camping and place for a picnic is arranged.
The company profile:
The recreation center “Licova polyana (“A clearing in the wood”)” is an incredibly comfortable and quiet place to relax with children and family.
Besides the comfortable living in cozy houses surrounded by a beautiful pine forest, the base offers several types of activities. Guests can go hiking, cycling or water-hiking in the local forests and the Seversky Donets River. It is also possible to play paintball, take a rope course, ride horses and rent hiking equipment.
The staff of the base have extensive experience and aim to provide guests a full range of services of the highest quality.

Priazovskaya Hi-tech printing house

Priazovskaya Hi-Tech Printing House specializes in providing printing services. It is possible to make various printing products, such as booklets, brochures, catalogs, business cards, flyers, invitations, postcards.
The printing house has the opportunity to order printing according to your own layout. Specialists also independently develop unique designs to achieve the goals set before printing. The printing uses high-tech equipment, quality materials (paper, inks). Priazovskaya Hi-Tech printing house also produces notebooks, which are ideal for forming souvenir and gift boxes, for use at home and at work.
Customers can also order the printing of inscriptions or drawings on T-shirts, cups, badges, calendars, pens, caps, bags. The printing house successfully cooperates with both private clients and cafes, restaurants, shops, companies and enterprises.

SS Mariupol

Truck service station

SS Mariupol

Mariupol Freight Service Station is a company that has been successfully developing in the automotive services market for 10 years.
Specializes in repair, maintenance and diagnostics of trucks.
Service station Mariupol repairs trailers and semi-trailers with axles SAF, BPW, SMB, Trailor, Fruehauf.
For cars of such brands as Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes, Renault, Man, Scania, the company offers the following services:
• Car chassis maintenance.
• Autoelectricity.
• Carrying out computer diagnostics.
• Replacement of technical fluids and oils.
• Repair of pneumatic systems, transmissions, checkpoints.
In addition, the company performs powder coating, plasma cutting, turning and milling, as well as provides dump truck services.
Specialists of the Mariupol service station can also diagnose and carry out repairs on the spot.
The company is ready for constant cooperation with enterprises, firms and institutions, as well as with individuals.

PE Kalaga

construction design and repair services

The field of activity:
The construction and repair work of premises of different area and purpose.
The company performs a full range of construction and repair work at the highest level, which is confirmed by the positive feedbacks from grateful customers.
Only the high-quality and safe materials are used for construction and repair, which is confirmed by the relevant documentation.
The company profile:
The company develops dynamically in the segment of construction and repair work due to its impeccable reputation and a staff consisting of skilled workers who know their business.
The company uses the latest equipment, which increases the quality and speed of construction or repair. Before doing the work, the company’s employees agree upon the entire blueprint for action with the customer to obtain the highest quality result.

LLC Area Development


 LLC Area Development

The field of activity:
The development and implementation of large-scale projects in the IT industry in Kramatorsk.
The company specializes in creating projects in the field of high technology and software, as well as participates in the development of the IT community of Donetsk region and the formation of a common vision for the development of the IT industry in eastern Ukraine.
The company profile:
The company successfully develops in the segment of development and implementation of IT technologies in different spheres of life of Donetsk residents. In 2019, the company dealt with launch of an innovative service “My School”.
Thanks to this software, teachers, students and parents share information related to learning processes in any convenient format. In addition, the company develops a service that allows you to transmit conveniently the amount shown on the meter to the housing and communal services of the city. The company successfully cooperates with other representatives of the IT sector of Ukraine.

Pochatok Filament – consumables for 3D printing


Field of activity:
Production of PLA-plastic thread for 3D printing.
This type of plastic (polylactide) has several advantages among competitors:
1. Biodegradable.
2. Biocompatible.
3. Thermoplastic.
We produce PLA plastic thread for 3D grinders and 3D pens.
Company profile:
Pochatok Filament has been producing PLA plastic since 2017. All production facilities are located in Ukraine.
Raw materials for the production of filament from the American polymer manufacturer NatureWork.
Each new product is tested for compliance with technical characteristics on modern equipment, including a contactless laser meter.
Our PLA-plastic has several advantages:
1. It has the highest heat capacity and the lowest thermal conductivity.
2. Plastic is made from renewable resources, namely:
a. cornstarch;
b. cassava root;
c. starch granules;
d. cane.
3. Can be used without ventilation equipment, due to the absence of harmful fumes.
4. Natural ingredients make the finished product as safe as possible for humans, even for children.
Pochatok Filament can produce really large batches of multi-colored PLA plastic. Also, we are always ready to send to any city or country and one coil of any color. With our plastic, your products will really be able to reach a new level of quality!

Ltd. Farm 3D


The field of activity:
The innovative 3D-printing technologies, production of 3D-printers, developments in the field of 3D-modeling and engineering services.
The company manufactures the parts from materials such as polymers and polymer bases, photopolymer resins and biocompatible substances.
The products are in great demand in technological, medical, artistic and decorative, food segments of industry.
The company’s specialists develop the cybernetic devices, electrical prostheses and orthopedic elements. The company actively implements the additive technologies in production and specializes in engineering services in the field of industrial design and design of 3D models. The company also services and leases the equipment for 3D printing.
The company profile:
The success of Farm 3D in the implementation of innovative technologies and production of 3D printers is due to the presence of highly qualified specialists who seek to perform their work flawlessly.
Farm 3D LLC is one of the largest independent enterprises in Ukraine, which serially produces 3D printers. The company’s specialists work on an innovative service “farm for 3D printing”.
Moreover, in the summer of 2020, the serial production of laboratory modules “Educational Techno-Laboratory” began.
With the help of this equipment, schools can offer students a lot of new, interesting and creative courses.

ECO WHOLES Cluster of waste and secondary raw materials processors

 ECO WHOLES Cluster of waste and secondary raw materials processors

Anna Cheban is an entrepreneur who started the processing of heat-shrinkable film in the city of Mariupol.
She founded the public organization “Eco Group”, whose mission is to create positive changes in society by helping active people to change the lives of their communities for the better.
Anna and her team take part in festivals where they talk about waste recycling and recyclables. Representatives of the organization “Eco Group” are constantly involved in various projects aimed at garbage collection, proper waste sorting, and, as a result, environmental protection.
Such projects include:
• “Re-Mo-Re”. The purpose of the project is to install eco-sculptures on all beaches to collect plastic.
• “Clog the tanks.” The main task of the project is to introduce waste sorting in condominiums.
The organization also buys secondary raw materials and recycles polymer waste. There are some useful tips on the official website of the public organization to help you start sorting waste properly.
Anna Cheban and the public organization “Eco Group” are ready to cooperate with volunteers, city residents, companies and enterprises.

Hospital furniture

Furniture workshop “Furniture Hospital” provides services for upholstery and repair of upholstered furniture.
The company accepts orders for the manufacture of furniture (sofas, armchairs, sofas, ottomans), sofa cushions.
The workshop offers a large selection of accessories, furniture fabrics that will allow you to reproduce any model in the desired color.
The company employs first-class specialists with extensive experience in the manufacture of various furniture.
You can order furniture for home and office, restaurant, hotel. The furniture workshop is considering options for cooperation to create outlets through online stores, shopping malls.
The furniture meets the established standards. It is possible to send finished products in the cities of Ukraine, abroad.