Ltd. Ceramic masses of Donbass

Ceramic products

 Ltd. Ceramic masses of Donbass

The field of activity:
The company specializes in the production of ceramic masses.
This material is a complex, accurate and well-balanced composition made of natural minerals: clay, kaolin, sand, spar, pegmatite and others. The material is used for the production of such products as porcelain, faience tableware and decorative utensils, electrical insulating components, souvenirs, building and technical ceramics.
The company profile:
PLC “Ceramic masses of Donbass” – the modern company, that is intensively developing in the field of production of ceramic masses.
The company began its work in 2003 within the framework of the international project with European manufacturing companies, which was implemented in 2005.
The factory produces the following types of ceramic masses:
● powders used in a slip casting and semi-dry pressing;
● plastic masses required for manual and machine molding;
● granular powders used in isostatic pressing;
● several types of the dry mixes and powders of atomized clays and kaolins.
The technologies that are used at the enterprise allow to get high-quality ceramic mass taking into account all the requirements of the customer.
The factory has the ability to produce both the simplest of one-two-component, and jewelry in composition and properties, the porcelain composition.

Himekselen Ltd.

Polyurethane and polyurethane foam products

The field of activity:
PLC «Khіmkselen» is a trade and production enterprise specializing in the production of polyurethane and foam polyurethane products.
The energy-efficient and high-quality products of the company have excellent technical parameters. The company offers customers a wide range of polyurethane beehives, as well as plates and rods, which are made according to customer drawings.
The company profile:
PLC «Khіmkselen» began its work in 2004. The company manufactures and sells energy-efficient polymer products.
The company is constantly working to improve production technology and expand its product range.
The company has its own high-tech production base and warehouses, which allows you to fulfill all orders quickly. All products of the manufacturer meet domestic quality and safety standards.

PE Roganov LM

Medical equipment

The field of activity:
The manufacturer specializes in the development and manufacture of devices, equipment and tools that are used in medicine, ecology and other spheres of life.
The production base of the enterprise is equipped with the modern facilities, which guarantee a high level of quality and reliability of products.
The company profile:
The manufacturer began its activities in 2016. At the present time, the company develops rapidly and offers customers a wide range:
● endoscopes for urology, bronchoscopy, laryngoscopy and other fields of medicine;
● urethroscopes and laryngoscopes with fiber optics;
● flexible endoscopes of various modifications;
● lighting units of different power;
● devices and tools for laser therapy;
● patient monitoring systems, student training systems;
● medical instruments;
● electrical stimulators of different types;
● automated microprocessor medical complexes.
Moreover, the company carried out the science-constructor studies in the field of:
● optoelectronic machines;
● electronic and mechanical machines;
● automated microprocessor medical complexes;
● diagnostic equipment;
● functional diagnostic devices;
● medical tool;
● devices and tools for laser therapy.

MAX-ECO service


 MAX-ECO service

The field of activity:
The company specializes in the implementation of energy-efficient space heating systems based on the use of modern infrared heating technologies МАХЕСО.
This system is installed in a floor, a wall or a ceiling of the room. The high efficiency of infrared heating is combined with the economical use of the energy, which has made the МАХЕСО system one of the leaders in the domestic market in the segment of heating equipment.
The company profile:
PLC «MAKS-ECO service» has been installing energy-efficient heating systems in placements of different areas for many years.
The company provides a range of services for the design, installation, maintenance of installed equipment. The company has a perfect reputation and provides a warranty on the installed systems – 15 years, with a life cycle of 40 years.

Donmet Autogenous Equipment Plant

Equipment for cutting, welding and soldering of metals

 Donmet Autogenous Equipment Plant

The field of activity:
The company specializes in the production of autogenous equipment. The factory has established units for cutting metal of any thickness, soldering-irons of various modifications, gas pressure regulators, gas footlight and other equipment used in gas-flame processing.
At the factory, it is possible to order equipment individually, that has the required power, size and configuration. All products are manufactured at the factory’s production capacities. The equipment undergoes the quality control at each stage of production, which guarantees its reliability and safety.
The company profile:
The Donmet factory began its functioning in 1990. Nowadays this modern enterprise produces more than 80 types of various equipment and more than 300 modifications.
During the year, the factory’s specialists develop and launch a series of 5-6 new products. The manufacturer’s products are exported to 20 countries. The factory works with more than 600 dealers. The excellent quality of gas-flame equipment, that is produced under the Donmet brand is largely due to the modern production process management system, highly qualified staff, as well as the coordinated work of all services of the enterprise.

PP Corvette

Art products from granite (“Floating layer” fountains)

PP Corvette

The field of activity:
The private enterprise “Korvet” makes the high-quality products from a natural stone.
The manufacturer offers a wide range of fountains, stone sinks, granite plates, vases and monuments. Stone products of any shape and size are made in time, taking into account the requirements and wishes of the customer.
The company profile:
The company “Korvet” has had an impeccable reputation in the production of high-quality natural stone products since 1991.
The production base of the enterprise counts more than 20 units of modern equipment for stone processing. The manufacturer has the ability to produce quality products of any complexity due to extensive practical experience of employees and the use of the best material.
To add, the company delivers its products to all regions of Ukraine.

LLC Kramtechcenter


Scope of activity:
The company specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of complex metal structures and conveyor equipment. The manufacturer offers a wide selection:
● conveyors;
● conveyor rollers and other components;
● disintegrants for grinding grain and oilseeds, powdered sugar production;
● unique metal structures;
● spare parts for different types of equipment.
In addition, the company manufactures non-standard equipment based on customer requirements. The team of specialists of NVP Kramtechcenter LLC offers high-cost products of high technical level, which are manufactured on the basis of special knowledge and considerable production experience.
Company Profile:
Research and production machine-building enterprise LLC “SPE Kramtechcenter” was established in 2000 on the basis of the research institute NDIPTMASH. Own production areas and design office allow the manufacturer to successfully solve the most complex technical problems.
The company practices an individual careful approach to the execution of each order.
Production is perfectly set up, fully automated and optimized for production, which allows not only to significantly reduce the price, but also significantly improve the quality of products.

Ltd. Promtechteplo

Industrial production

 Ltd. Promtechteplo

The field of activity:
The company specializes in the manufacture of highly-efficiency thermal insulation material from ceramic fiber, which is an excellent substitute for asbestos and asbestos-containing products.
The manufacturer offers customers a wide range of material in rolls, as well as felt, cotton wool, hard type plates, ceramic bonded plates, inserts, crucibles and shaped objects. All the company’s products are non-toxic, fire and explosion-proof, and also have an environmental security passport.
The company profile:
The company began its work in the field of fireproof products in 2002. The intensive development of the company is associated with the high-quality products, a wide range of products, flexible production facilities and excellent logistics.
The manufacturer successfully cooperates with many large metallurgical factories and other enterprises of Ukraine.
The flexible production technology makes it possible to carry out the full range of work to obtain products with the necessary characteristics jointly with the customer.
The company’s technologists have developed and introduced into production the technology of using soft insulation in heat units of all types. Specialists of PLC ‘Promtechteplo”, if necessary, personally visit the facility to provide practical assistance in installation work.

PE Sharkov Alexander Vasilyevich

Agriculture – Production of compound feeds

The field of activity:
The production and selling of the high-quality compound feedstuff. Products are made from selected natural raw materials using innovative technologies.
All compound feedstuff has an optimal balance of ingredients, as they are manufactured in accordance with domestic quality and safety standards. Each stage of compound feedstuff production is closely monitored, which allows you to get a really high-quality product.
The company profile:
PE Sharkov is a manufacturer of the high-quality balanced feeds. Over the years of its existence, the company has won an excellent reputation and customer trust.
For the production of its compound feedstuff the company uses the best raw materials, a set of modern technologies, the latest quality control system and a perfectly designed recipe.

TeraWatt Group Automation Ltd.

Industrial automation

 TeraWatt Group Automation Ltd.

The field of activity:
One of the leaders in the field of industrial automation of Ukraine: develops and puts into operation systems, that are used for automation of various technological processes.
The company provides a full range of services, including the design, supply, putting into operation the industrial automation systems for electrical equipment, power supply, staff security and machinery. The process automation system is performed on the basis of equipment from Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Siemens and other well-known manufacturers.
The company profile:
The company began its work in 2005 and has significant practical experience in implementing the most complex solutions in the field of industrial automation.
For example, the company designs and puts into operation the systems, that are used to automate the operation of blast furnaces and high-power boiler units. The enterprise is engaged not only in the industrial automation, but also designs the metallurgical processes, circulating cycles of water supply and treatment facilities.
There are more than 150 qualified specialists, who work in the group of companies “TeraWatt Group Automation”.
The company gradually invests in the intensive development of its activities, so its employees regularly improve their skills in educational centers in Ukraine and other countries.

PE Chepak Alexander Vasilyevich

Eco-Food Dmytrivka

The field of activity:
It specializes in the compound feedstuff for animals. All feeds are made on the basis of unique recipes that are designed for the balanced development of domestic animals and poultry in the household.
A wide range of feed allows you to choose the optimal diet according to the needs of livestock.
The company profile:
PE Chepak sells only the high-quality and tested feed. The intensive development of the enterprise became possible due to product quality, qualified staff and well-supplied logistics.
All compound feedstuff that are offered to customers meet the domestic quality and safety standards.

PE Mokrik Ivan Viktorovych

Production of LOFT-style furniture for cafes, bars, hotels, hostels

The field of activity:
The production of loft-style furniture for cafes, bars, hotels, hostels. Such furniture is mostly made of natural roughing-out wood and metal, but there is a variety of options.
The manufacturer offers a wide range of the high-quality furniture with vintage color and modern functionality. In addition, the company is ready to make furniture to order, taking into account the requirements and wishes of the client.
The company profile:
The manufacturer is intensively developing in the field of production of modern, functional loft-style furniture.
The unique interior items are created by using various shades of natural aging and rust in combination with a unique wood processing technique.
The company sells only the high-quality authentic furniture that can create a unique atmosphere in a cafe, bar, restaurant or hotel.

PE locksmith Vladislav Mikhailovich

Introduction of innovative energy-saving technologies by modernization of production in the city of Mariupol

The field of activity:
The modernization of production through the introduction of innovative energy-saving technologies.
The main task of any enterprise is to increase the energy efficiency of the production and reduce costs without losing product quality. The company offers its customers a number of innovative solutions that can significantly reduce energy consumption, which has a positive impact on production efficiency.
The company profile:
PE Slyusar specializes in the development and implementation of advanced technologies that increase the efficiency of the enterprise at all stages of production.
The company conducts a thorough analysis of the energy efficiency of the customer’s enterprise, taking into account the impact of various factors on energy consumption, and afterwards takes measures to increase production efficiency.



The field of activity:
The production and selling of the high-quality foaming products.
A wide range of products is presented in the segment of professional car washing agents, as well as professional washing agents for the food industry and foaming agents. All products of the company are certified and meet the domestic quality and safety standards.
The company profile:
The company started its activity in 2011 as a private entrepreneur, with the production of active foams for car washing and household chemicals. The intensive development of the company was due to the production of products that had an optimal price-quality relationship.
PLC “Eastern Chemical Company” was opened in 2016. The company specializes in the production of professional washing agents for the food industry. In 2017, the assets of the two manufacturers were merged.
The company regularly introduces new technologies into the production process, which allows it to produce competitive products at an affordable price. The company’s warehouse terminals operate in many regions of Ukraine – this significantly increases the efficiency of logistics.
The manufacturer has an impeccable reputation and cooperates with many industrial enterprises of Ukraine.

Tent Leader

Tent Leader

The field of activity:
The production of trade equipment and awning products.
The company offers a wide range of tents for the garden and trade, trade and campaign tents, trade tables, tents for exhibitions, umbrellas for summer playgrounds and cafes.
Additionally, the company manufactures the curtains for car washes, large-sized tents, soft PVC windows, canopies and covering for summer playgrounds. The logo or advertisement of the customer is marked to any product, if necessary.
The company profile:
The company is developing rapidly, constantly mastering the latest technologies in the production of trade equipment and awning products.
The company’s employees have extensive practical experience in welding, sewing of awning products and PVC brazing.
Besides the standard range, the company has the ability to manufacture equipment individually, taking into account the requirements of the customer.

RT Ukraine

The field of activity:
The production of work gloves under the brand name “RT”.
The company offers customers a wide range of products, from the work gloves “Orchards and Gardens” (“Sad i gorod”) and ending up with welding gloves and glasscutter serviceable gloves.
The manufacturer produces a wide range of gloves, which allows you to choose a pair that fits perfectly your hand. Gloves have increased elasticity, excellent air permeability, and also differ from analogues by increased wear resistance.
The company profile:
The Ukrainian brand “RT” is one of the most famous names in the field of work gloves.
The company produces comfortable and reliable products of excellent quality, that this way it has won the trust of its regular customers. The company achieved the dynamic development through its adherence to innovative production technologies and strict quality standards.
The entire production process is thoroughly controlled: from the choice of yarn for knitting, packaging, sorting and delivery to the end-consumer.


The field of activity:
The installation of heating systems, gas supply, water purification, the wholesale and retail trade of heating and pumping equipment, the design and building of engineering systems, the introduction of energy-saving technologies.
All equipment that the company offers to its customers meets the domestic quality and safety standards.
The company has the ability to provide a wide range of services, which allows the customer to save a lot of time and money.
The company profile:
Production and commercial private enterprise “Termo-Zlatopil” began its work in 2001.
The company is developing dynamically and stably in the field of sales of gas boilers, provision of services for the installation of heating systems, gas supply, water purification.
The company has established itself as a reliable partner and fruitfully cooperates with many industrial enterprises of Ukraine. The company’s employees have extensive practical experience and constantly improve their skills at various forums and trainings.

Ltd. tetra

Double-glazed windows and mirrors

The field of activity:
The production of insulating glazing units, decorative mirrors for bathrooms and entrance halls and glass paintings.
The production base of the company allows to manufacture products of excellent quality – the company uses Hungarian, German, Turkish and Chinese equipment.
There are about 400 denominations of various products in the catalog of PLC “Tetra”. The manufacturer’s products are in great demand among the population and industrial enterprises because of their reliability and excellent operating parameters.
The company profile:
PLC “Tetra” is a modern company specializing in the production of mirrors, insulating glazing units and glass paintings. A wide range of products allows the customer to choose the desired product based on their wishes and requirements. To decorate mirrors and glass paintings, the manufacturer uses innovative glass fusing technology, which is a key of high aesthetic properties of the product.
PLC “Tetra” successfully cooperates with many domestic retail chains, having an impeccable reputation as a reliable partner.

Khimtekhnologiya LTD

 Khimtekhnologiya LTD

Field of activities:
Activities in the field of engineering, rendering engineering advise services.
Company profile:
Khimtekhnologiya LLC represents in Ukraine the GIAP Group which is one of the leading companies in the field of engineering and design of chemical plants in Europe,
Asia and the CIS. The GIAP Group specializes in providing comprehensive engineering support for the production of mineral fertilizers and gas processing, as well as in implementation of turnkey specialized projects.
Khimtekhnologiya LLC has vast experience and production resources for the implementation of the most complex and extensional projects, as well as all the necessary certificates of admission to work on the project documentation development that affect the safety of capital facilities, in particular, for extremely hazardous, technically challenging and unique objects.
The quality of the works performed meets the requirements of ISO 9001.


Production of flour and cereal industry products

The field of activity:
The production of the first-class flour, as well as wheat bran. A set of technologies has been introduced into the production process, which ensures the high-quality products and the possibility of its long-term storage, adhering to the appropriate terms.
The company’s products undergo regular quality inspections at all stages of production, so the end-consumer gets a perfect flour at a fairly a favorable cost.
The company profile:
Flour-milling complex “Aidar Milam” is a complex mechanized and automated enterprise, the production base of which is equipped with modern efficient facilities that are designed for reception, storage, processing, as well as delivery of grain and products of its processing.
Additionally, the company is equipped with facilities for product quality monitoring and relevant research. The company’s specialists constantly introduce innovative technologies into production, aimed at improving the quality and reducing the prime cost of flour.

Aeromech Ltd.

Aeromech Ltd.

The field of activity:
The production and development of grain cleaning equipment.
The company has created a technology that allows you to get the high-yielding seeds. On the basis of this development the aerodynamic separator SAD operates, which is used by farmers and grain processors for many years as the main grain cleaning machine.
The company profile:
PLC “Aeromech” is a modern enterprise of Ukraine specializing in the development and production of grain cleaning equipment.
The company’s professionals invent, design, manufacture, and implement modern and efficient grain cleaning units.
The company owns more than 65 international and domestic patents for its inventions. The SAD separators are unique equipment used by farmers not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

LLC NDPI Water purification technologies

Manufacture of other chemical products not included in other categories

 LLC NDPI Water purification technologies

The field of activity:
The institute conducts an integrated water treatment, which includes the inspection of facilities, engineering, the production and supply of chemical reagents and equipment, adjustment works, the scientific support of water treatment systems, service, the training of customer staff, the implementation of innovative programs for stabilization and coordinated water control.
The company has a modern design office and a department with an impeccable reputation, which is responsible for engineering support, which allows the institute to guarantee the quality of equipment, reagents and completed work.
The company profile:
PLC “Water treatment technologies of RDIUP” began its work in 1999 in the city of Severodonetsk, Luhansk region.
Through the high professionalism of the staff, the institute has become a multi-industry enterprise in a short time, that dynamically develops and actively works in the market of industrial ecology, energy and resources saving.
The company occupies a leading position among the Ukrainian companies in the field of water treatment and thermal power sector.

Ltd. Promdex-Ukraine

Ltd. Promdex-Ukraine

Scope of activity:
Development, production and sale of treatment equipment, materials and ready-made solutions in the field of water treatment.
In addition, the company has established the production of household products. On the basis of the enterprise the Trading house “SVOD” “is created, the task of which is development, introduction and realization of the goods of a household segment.
Company Profile:
The company was established on the basis of the research institute “IVT” (Institute of Water Treatment Technologies).
The company provides comprehensive water treatment for thermal power plants, heating networks, as well as metallurgical, chemical, oil refining, food and other industrial enterprises. In September 2017, the manufacturer launched the production of household chemicals under the brands TM Clean Drops and TM Effect. The company is proud of its reputation and does its best to create products that help protect equipment, save energy and preserve the environment!

PE Polymertorg

PE Polymertorg

The field of activity:
The selling and installation of the high-quality innovative equipment for solar power stations.
The company performs the high-quality installation of solar panels, professional consultation on all issues related to the production and use of solar energy, as well as provides step-by-step control of agreement with power grids, which will allow the client to get a “Green” tariff.
The company profile:
The company operates on the market using the name Altenergo. The company sells and installs equipment which is necessary for the operation of solar power plants. As a direct distributor of solar panels for photovoltaic modules Suntech Power from a manufacturer from China, the company has the opportunity to set affordable prices for solar equipment.
The company develops intensively and has many successful projects in its portfolio in the Luhansk region and other regions of Ukraine.


The field of activity:
The production and installation of stair and balcony rails, railings and handrails, gates, bars, stairs in swimming pools, visors, canopies, flagpoles made of polished and faceted stainless steel, glass and brass.
All products meet domestic safety and quality standards. The production basis of the company is equipped with the most modern facilities from well-known world manufacturers.
The company profile:
Over the years, the company has formed a team of professionals whose aim is to provide customers with a range of services of the highest quality.
The company is a manufacturer, so it has the ability to set affordable prices for its products, as well as to accept orders based on customer requirements and wishes. The company offers a wide range of the high-quality products that have a high degree of durability and excellent aesthetic qualities.
The manufacturer operates not only in Luhansk region, but also in other regions of Ukraine.



RedLine specializes in the manufacture and sale of industrial vacuum cleaners.
The models offered in the catalog differ in power, productivity, number of turbines, volume, tank diameter, length of a network cable and height of the vacuum cleaner. In addition to the units themselves, the company produces components:
• Filters (fabric, frames, filters in the assembly).
• Nozzles (dusty, slotted, for dry and wet cleaning).
• Turbines and corrugated hoses.
The advantages of vacuum cleaners include high performance, ergonomic design.
Due to its characteristics, the vacuum cleaner can be used in any enterprise. The versatility of the models makes it possible to abandon the classic wet cleaning, it will be enough to simply change the nozzle.
All units are equipped with reusable filters, which will make the use of models more convenient. RedLine provides an official warranty on its products. Ready for long-term cooperation with companies and enterprises.

Tandem LTD

Production of polypropylene woven containers and packaging – bags, big bags, fabric, agrofabric, roofing film (hydro / vapor barrier)

Tandem LTD

The field of activity:
The production and selling of polypropylene products for construction, chemical, food, agricultural and other industries.
The company offers a wide range of polypropylene bags of different volumes, woven agrotextiles, roofing tape (hydro / vapor barrier), as well as Big-Bag containers with a capacity of up to 2 tons with 3-color flexographic printing.
The company profile:
PLC “Tandem Ltd.” is a modern company specializing in the production and distribution of goods made of polypropylene.
The production basis of the enterprise is equipped with the most modern facilities which allow to manufacture the production of excellent quality.
The company’s specialists have extensive experience in the development and production of polypropylene products for many industrial enterprises in Ukraine. “Tandem Ltd.” is a responsible, stable and reliable partner for medium, small and large businesses.

Factory of polymeric roofing materials DonIzol

Production of building materials

Factory of polymeric roofing materials DonIzol

The field of activity:
The production of bituminous-polymeric roofing materials. The company produces a full range of roofing and waterproofing materials based on roofing paper, fiberglass, polyester.
Customers are offered a wide selection of bitumen felt, rubemast, European bitumen felt, as well as bituminous mastic, primers and roofing bitumen. The products of the factory have certificates confirming its quality, safety and authenticity.
The company profile:
Factory “DonIzol” is a Ukrainian manufacturer of rolled roofing and waterproofing materials, which began its work in 2001.
Now it is the well-known enterprise in Ukraine and abroad, which is develops intensively due to the proper use of resources, modern production basis and a team of real professionals.
The company regularly develops and implements new technologies in the production process, which allows it to produce products of the highest quality.


Production of taps and valves

The field of activity:
The production of shut-off valves and components for power shut-off valves. The company produces the shut-off valves, which have the high use properties and exceptional reliability.
All products are made of high-strength material, which minimizes the problems of wear of friction joints, increase the reliability and service life of some devices, parts and mechanisms.
The company profile:
PLC “CP Energostandard” successfully works in the field of production of shut-off valves, offering customers impeccable quality and reliable products.
The company constantly modernizes and expands production, mastering the production of new products. There are only the qualified employees with extensive experience work in the production.
The company’s partners are dozens of Ukrainian enterprises in various fields of industrial production.

PE Blinov

manufacture of metal structures

The field of activity:
The production of metal-plastic windows, balconies, doors and other types of PVC structures from profile systems WDS, VEKA. Also, the company offers a wide range of metal doors, bars, gates, visors, canopies, railings with elements of forging, fences, containers, bicycle parking, arches and other metal constructers.
The company in its production uses only reliable, durable materials that meet domestic standards of quality and safety. All products of the manufacturer are strong, durable and have high aesthetic qualities.
The company profile:
PE Blinov S.M. – a successful manufacturer whose aim is to put on market the highest quality products.
The company is equipped with modern facilities, uses advanced technologies and is proud of its staff who have extensive practical experience in the production of metal-plastic and metal structures.

Leasing Invest

Glass processing, digital printing on glass with ceramic ink

Leasing Invest

The field of activity:
The company is engaged in glass processing on an industrial scale.
The company offers the following types of products: large silver mirror, sunscreen glass with soft covering, multifunctional glass with a soft covering, laminated glass, as well as safe flat and bent glass of various shapes, thicknesses and sizes. The installation of the most modern industrial digital printer with color printing allowed the company to produce the high-quality decorative glass.
The company profile:
PLC “Lizing Invest” started its activity in 2004 and today it is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial glass processing in the domestic market.
The enterprise during its activity forms the new directions in glass processing, constantly improves production and technical base, develops innovative decisions on the basis of advanced technologies.
PLC “Lizing Invest” is a reliable partner in the segment of the development, production and selling of glass products. The company has a full technological cycle of glass processing, a progressive logistics system and its own warehouses, so it can easily implement projects of any complexity!


production of plastic containers

The field of activity:
The production of fittings, different polymer products for industry and polymer packaging for transportation and storage of food and non-food products.
The company manufactures the products that have the high strength characteristics, as well as significant resistance to temperature changes and influence of aggressive chemicals. In addition, the company manufactures the user-friendly polyethylene containers to order, taking into account the wishes and requirements of the customer.
The company profile:
PLC “M-Spektr” is a modern enterprise that dynamically develops in the field of polymer production.
The company occupies a leading position in its region due to innovative equipment and high professionalism of the staff. The company uses the highest quality polymers, dyes and other components in production, which allow to manufacture the products of European level at reasonable prices.
The entire range of products meets the requirements of environmental and sanitary standards.

LLC Tseglyar

brick production

The field of activity:
The production of silicate bricks. The company produces the ecologically friendly, high-strength and longeval bricks for the construction of all types of buildings without limitations in any climate zone.
The modern equipment makes it possible to make bricks with perfectly equal angles, which eases the construction process and reduces the cost of the mixture.
Silicate brick is an artificial stone, for the manufacture of which environmentally friendly materials of natural origin are used: a mixture of lime and quartz sand, which harden under the influence of water vapor in the autoclave.
The company profile:
The factory began its work in 1927, and currently occupies a leading position in the production of silicate bricks.
The company, despite serious competition among the manufacturers, offers products with the optimal price-quality relationship, both in retail and wholesale.
A flexible system of discounts is provided for wholesale customers and individual developers.




The field of activity:
The production of personal hygiene products, household products, as well as home care products.
The entire range of products of TM “”NEBOlight”” has the hygienic conclusions of the standard form. The products are safe, do not cause allergic reactions and do not contain any prohibited substances. Each product item has a barcode that allows the trading companies to protect themselves from falsification.
The company profile:
The company began its activities in 2017. The company is proud of its intense team building and production base, which is equipped with the latest facilities. The manufacturer offers consumers more than 80 types of high-quality products and constantly works to expand its range of products.
The company has a research and production laboratory, which is equipped with devices that control the quality of products and raw materials, moreover, it carries out the analytical control of the production of washing means.


The field of activity:
The company specializes in providing services in the field of advertising.
The company offers a wide-format printing, photo printing on glass and any other materials, exterior and interior design, production of printed products, TV stands, lightboxes, display letters and other promotional constructions, complex outdoor advertising, lettering of corporate symbols on souvenir products.
The company profile:
“Profi Art” is a modern enterprise that successfully works in the field of advertising and printing, qualitatively and quickly fulfilling orders of any complexity.
The company uses the innovative equipment in its work, which ensures the impeccable quality of products.
For the perfect fulfilling of the order, the company’s staff study the specifics of the customer’s activities and determine the tasks that the product will solve – this allows you to get the perfect result. The company’s capabilities provide the production of many types of advertising products and all types of printing, ranging from miniature accessories to wide-format firewalls.


Production of pressed bricks, paving slabs, blocks

The field of activity:
The production of pressed bricks, paving slabs, cinder blocks.
The entire range of products produced by the company is made of reliable, longeval materials using modern technology on the most advanced equipment.
The products meet domestic quality and safety standards.
The company profile:
The company manufactures the high-quality products that are in great demand in Luhansk region.
The modern production base of the enterprise allows to produce brick, paving slabs and a cinder block of the highest quality.
The company has an impeccable reputation in the market of building materials, which has been earned due to the high performance of its products and timely fulfillment of orders of any complexity.

LLC SPE “Ukrpozhstandart”

production of special clothes and equipment for SES units

The field of activity:
The development, production, selling of clothing and protective equipment for firefighters and rescuers.
The company manufactures products that are able to provide the highest level of protection. The company also offers products of protection and freighting from foreign manufacturers.
This approach allows to quickly implement the new firefighting technologies and modern protection products in extreme situations in Ukraine.
The company profile:
PLC IMT “UKRPOZHSTANDART” is one of the leading Ukrainian production and trade companies, which provided its products with more than 200 domestic enterprises.
The quality of products manufactured and sold by the company depends not only on the preservation of material values, but also the lives of people. Therefore, at all stages of production the multilevel quality and safety testing is carried out.
The company actively conducts research and construction development, constantly modernizing and improving mass production, the new types of human protection and fire-fighting equipment are introduced.


Manufacture of made-up textile articles, except apparel; preparation and spinning of textile fibers

The field of activity:
The production and selling of textile products.
The company offers its customers a wide range of the high-quality textiles. The manufacturer’s products are in high demand due to their durability, wear resistance and high aesthetic properties. The materials the products are made of are safe for health, durable and meet all domestic quality standards.
The company profile:
PLC “Teks-Trading” is a Ukrainian manufacturer of the high-quality textiles.
The company has the opportunity to produce the high-quality and reasonably priced products through the use of the latest equipment and the latest technologies in the textile industry.
The success of the company is due to its team, which consists of specialists with extensive practical experience in textile production.

Vovchoyarivsky Quarry LLC

manufacture of carbonate fillers

Vovchoyarivsky Quarry LLC

Company name: Vovchoyarivsky Cretaceous quarry
Enterprise: LLC Vovchoyarivsky Quarry
Address: Luhansk region, Popasnyanskyi district, Vovchoyarivka township, street Production, 11
Office address: 93107 Ukraine, Luhansk region, Lysychansk, street Independence 103
Phone: +38 (095) 892-26-42; +38 (067) 643-33-23
Field of activity: industrial production of chalk
– production of ground separated chalk (KMS-1 and KMS-2), ground technical chalk (KM-3), ground fodder chalk (KMK).
– wholesale trade in packaged products of chalk production
– delivery across Ukraine.

PE Bondarenko Alexander Vladimirovich

Laser innovations

Scope of activity:
Introduction of laser innovations. The current dynamic development of the laser technology market requires the constant development of innovations that must be able to bring to commercial use.
The company offers its services in the field of laser technology and advanced solutions to increase business efficiency.
Company Profile:
The company is developing dynamically in the field of providing services for the introduction of laser innovations in various technological processes.
The company employs qualified specialists who are able to solve the most difficult problems. The company successfully cooperates with many companies in Ukraine and has an impeccable reputation in its field.

PE Savchuk Vitaliy Serhiyovych


The field of activity:
The repair and manufacture of jewelry.
The workshop offers the services for the manufacture of a wide range of products from gold, silver and other metals. The production is equipped with the most modern facilities, which allow the master to achieve a perfect result. In addition, the company’s specialists have extensive experience in repairing a variety of jewelry.
The jewelers quickly and inexpensively eliminate any damage or completely restore the old jewelry.
The company profile:
The workshop has been specializing in the manufacture and repair of jewelry for many years.
The qualified craftsmen have an impeccable reputation, and the company’s products are famous for their quality.
The company manufactures the wedding rings, earrings, chains, bracelets and other jewelry to order. The masters create both classic and original, unique jewelry.

PE Marquis

Marquis is a company that specializes in the manufacture of modular furniture for cats and dogs.
All furniture is disassembled, compactly folded. Each module has a prefabricated / disassembled design, assembly takes a few minutes and does not require any additional tools, may have a different configuration.
The company’s range includes:
• Couches and hammocks.
• Wall, floor nail sharpeners.
• Arena.
• Cribs for animals.
• Game complexes.
• Buffets. The models are designed in such a way that each purchased module can be used both independently and in combination, forming entire towns for pets.
The advantage of modular furniture is that all the proposed models are compatible and perfectly combined with each other. Products are absolutely safe for cats, dogs, as they are made of environmentally friendly materials.
The company is ready to cooperate with Ukrainian and foreign customers, products are delivered worldwide.



Regals manufactures and sells first-class equipment for trade. It manufactures both standard shelving systems and clothing lines of its own design, as well as commercial equipment to individual orders.
The company’s range includes:
• Metal racks (one-sided, two-sided, with illumination).
• Trade equipment of a chipboard (show-windows, counters).
• Equipment for clothing stores.
• Metal furniture. Customers are also offered accessories for trade equipment,
such as trade hooks, attachments for perforated racks, fences and price tape for shelves, plastic trays for hardware and small parts, racks for plastic trays. The company provides a full cycle of production: from cutting and processing of sheet and profile rolled products to welding and painting of finished metal structures.
All Regals products are manufactured on high-tech equipment in accordance with the standards adopted in Ukraine. Thanks to the experience and highly qualified specialists, the company fulfills even individual orders quickly and with consistent quality.
The company is ready for long-term cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Blacksmith of Dobropillya

Artur Nareznyak is an entrepreneur who opened his own ART smithy in 2016.
The master specializes in both industrial and artistic forging. To expand his business, he decided to try his hand at the Ukrainian Donetsk Fist competition. He wrote a business plan and won 500,000 hryvnias.
The funds will be used to purchase modern equipment – a plasma cutter, a milling machine and an induction furnace, which will significantly reduce the time for the manufacture of forged products and facilitate the work of the master. Arthur sees each new order as a challenge to himself.
The master selects the metal depending on the design and product, and focuses on customer expectations.
He is also constantly developing and improving in his craft, holds master classes, participates in blacksmith festivals and exhibitions, for which he has repeatedly been awarded diplomas and thanks.


Industrial and trading company “EAST” specializes in the production of technical ceramics for chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, hydrolysis, food and other industries. It cooperates with companies that produce or use aggressive substances and reagents in their activities.
The products of the industrial and trade company are distinguished by high quality and operational characteristics, confirmed by long-term cooperation with enterprises of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and others.
The company offers a comprehensive supply of acid-resistant products, ranging from lining products (bricks, tiles, shaped ceramics) to acid-resistant nozzles of various designs. A large volume of orders is fulfilled according to the customer’s drawings and physical and chemical properties, which are determined by regulatory documents (GOST, TU).
The company, using many years of experience and traditions of the Slavic Ceramic Plant, is constantly expanding the range of materials used, mastering new and improving existing technologies, product range, methods of production, equipment.

Blacksmith factory № 1

Oleg Lisakov is an entrepreneur who in 2017 opened his own company “Kovalska Fabrika № 1”.
The main activity is the manufacture of forged products and various metal structures.
The factory has created many barbecues, gates, benches, canopies, decorative flower stands. Oleg and his team of highly qualified specialists use modern equipment, are accepted for any task.
Design, elements, materials are discussed individually with each customer. In addition, you can buy from Oleg Lisakov such goods as fuel pellets and briquettes, firewood, white and red bricks, hollow, ordinary and tent slabs, rubble, foundation blocks, concrete trusses for the roof, concrete bridges and racks.
The company “Kovalska Fabrika № 1” successfully cooperates both with customers of the city of Pokrovsk, and with clients from other cities of Ukraine.

Ltd. Contact

Contact LLC is a modern machine-building enterprise that has been operating successfully since 1991.
The main area of ​​work is the development and production of gas equipment for high pressure pipelines.
The plant has its own production and technical base, has metalworking equipment, including CNC machines and machining centers, modern thermal and painting equipment. In 2007-2008, the company successfully implemented a program of complete computerization of design work and quality management system.
The range includes:
• Gas equipment (gas pressure regulators, gas odorization complexes, equipment for gas pipelines, GDS, CNG stations, shut-off valves, valves). • Mining equipment (distributors RKM-03, RKM-05).
• Non-standard equipment (parts and assemblies for metallurgical plants, spare parts for drilling equipment).
The plant is constantly working to expand the main range of products in the gas industry. At the same time, the search for and development of new areas of activity continues: the production of control mine hydraulics, equipment for metallurgical, processing and other industries.

Blacksmith’s yard

Kuzmenko Oleksandr is an entrepreneur who founded the Kovalsky Dvir company.
The work uses cold forging, which makes it possible to produce both individual parts and whole products that are almost indestructible. The method of artistic processing of metal which allows to create high-quality products is applied.
The product range includes:
– Wrought iron gates, wickets, fences.
– Lattices on windows, entrance doors.
– Visors, canopies, tables.
– Gazebos, swings, benches.
– Wrought iron beds, stairs, railings.
– Hangers, flower stands.
– Braziers and much more. The properties of cold forging make it possible to make various products used in houses and apartments, in yards and streets, as forged products are very popular.
The popularity of the products is due to the advantages of forging itself, such as durability, beauty of the finished product, excellent protective functions, the ability to make an individual order to your own size or sketches, handmade.


Konstantinovsky State Research and Production Enterprise “Kvarsit” is a strategic Ukrainian enterprise, which is part of the State Concern “Ukroboronprom”.
The range of the enterprise includes:
• Development and production of military products.
• Industrial products (transparent and opaque quartz glass pipes, refractory products made of quartz ceramics, quartz inspection glass, TC-27 sieve plates, reflective (sun protection) glass, etc.).
• Consumer products (paving slabs, decorative mirrors, cabinet and solid wood furniture, quartz glass and quartz ceramics).
The production uses high quality equipment, unique latest technologies are used. The products meet both Ukrainian and international standards.
In addition, the research and production enterprise “Kvarsit” is developing promising materials and innovative products that will allow to work in a wider range of temperatures and frequencies.

PE Golovko Vadym Viktorovych

Vadym Golovko is an entrepreneur who founded a company whose main specialization is the serial production and sale of polyurethane products.
The company offers comprehensive solutions that require a quality approach to mechanical components and mechanisms.
The company produces equipment for the glass industry, mining equipment, equipment parts that require particularly high wear resistance, as well as equipment for elevators.
The range includes products for cars, rollers, shafts, wheels for stackers, rollers for lamination of PVC profiles, aluminum profiles. Customers can purchase various seals for pneumatic and mechanical engineering.
Vadym Golovko is ready to cooperate with industrial enterprises, poultry farms, enterprises of the mining complex, as well as companies engaged in the maintenance of packaging and cargo equipment.

“Master House”

Mykola Golovko is an entrepreneur who founded the Master Dom company in 2004.
The main specialization is the production of forged and concrete products. The work is dominated by an individual approach, all the details, namely materials, colors, elements, are discussed with the customer.
“Master House” works both with individuals and with businesses, institutions, restaurants, hotels. The company’s specialists go to the specified address, make measurements, manufacture and install the finished product themselves.
Mykola Golovko is ready to cooperate with Ukrainian and foreign clients.

Harino Agricultural Cooperative

Harino Agricultural Cooperative was founded by Natalia Ivanivna Antyukhina in 2017. The main specialization is the breeding and sale of guinea pigs.
Specialists grow several different breeds, for each of which the demand increases every year.
Natalia Antyukhina uses only high-quality guinea pig feed, which makes it possible to ensure the proper development and excellent health of the pet. In addition, guinea pigs receive vegetables rich in vitamins and trace elements.
Harino Cooperative cooperates with shops, enterprises and companies, as well as with individuals.
SOC is ready for constant and mutually beneficial cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign companies.

«5 Element»

«5 Element»

«5 Element» is a Ukrainian company founded in 2016. The production and laboratory complex is in the town of Gola Prystan, Kherson region, with over 2,500 m2 area, production shops – 825 m2. The company specializes in creating, testing, and industrial production of unique nano-bio drugs of complex action and manufacturing and processing plant products. The proposed nano-bio preparations increase yields, improve crop immunity, and positively affect soil fertility. The company produces fertilizers and growth stimulants for houseplants and lawn grass, technical, vegetable, fruit, cereals, and legumes. Due to the high quality, the products are recognized and actively used in 28 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America.

«Zavod imeni 23 Zhovtnia»

«Zavod imeni 23 Zhovtnia»

«Zavod imeni 23 Zhovtnia» is an enterprise that, since 2012 provides services for the restoration and repair of automotive, agricultural, and special agro equipment for complexes and farms. The company’s team consists of more than 50 qualified specialists, each of whom has extensive experience working with spare parts. The plant manufactures and restores spare parts for imported equipment from various manufacturers, such as John Deere, Claas, Case, New Holland, and others. The range of the enterprise includes sieves, plugs, turbochargers, hydraulic cylinders, electrical equipment, fuel pumps, balancing, clutch, and other goods. The plant «Zavod imeni 23 Zhovtnia” focuses on cooperation with agricultural enterprises and agricultural holdings of any scale, dealers. Delivery of products is possible in all regions of Ukraine and abroad.



«ONYX» is an enterprise whose main specialization is manufacturing and selling equipment for powder coating. The production uses advanced technologies that allow you to create products with the best energy-saving characteristics. The equipment is durable, and of high quality, so the company sets an extended warranty period for all products. The company’s range also includes electrical cabinets, telecommunications equipment, and other hardware (payment terminals, doors, furniture mechanisms, and components for passenger cars). The presence of more than 200 paint lines and the design department allows it to create unique products and use powder paint sparingly, which positively affects the price of goods, making them more affordable for consumers.



«MicroTestLab» is a modern Ukrainian laboratory founded in 2015, which operates according to European standards. In the laboratory, you can take tests for COVID-19, do computed tomography and ultrasound diagnostics. Patients can also consult with narrow doctors: rheumatologist, neurologist, cardiologist, dermatologist, gastroenterologist, etc. «MicroTeatLab» uses advanced automated equipment to make all the researches, which excludes the influence of the human factor, and thus prevents the possibility of error. MicroTestLab uses innovative diagnostic systems made in Germany and Switzerland. The results of tests and diagnostic tests can be obtained both in the laboratory and online or by e-mail. It is also possible to call a nurse home to collect biological material in Lysychansk, Rubizhne, and Sievierodonetsk.